The process of creation is one of the most integral parts of my life. I can’t imagine it otherwise. Most of my works have been created inspired in some way by the natural environment. Though I take a lot from nature, I don’t see it as a direct source of patterns and formulas but rather an area for research and investigation. My aim is also to explore the primary relation between humanity and the natural world. Concepts of the cycle, ecology, and spirituality are very close to me, and therefore I’m trying to find the way to express these through my artistic creation. Working in various mediums and experimenting with creative techniques allow me to play around the ambiguity and the abstract of the theme. Decorativeness and visual richness are treated as means that let me transform well-known motives into the creations existing on the borders of the materiality and fantasy. Their opulence is, most of all, meant to be an indication of the transience and elusive character of nature. The scheme, in its basic form, transforms the rules of the reality and allows a viewer to be drowned into a new, allusive and purposeful, yet undercover world.        

‘Through the art, you can discuss what you personally think is important and thus find the way to make your works significant. If you do not face your own personal problems, but instead chase fashion, trends, or even art history, then you are concealing your true nature and revealing nothing to the world.’ [Fang Lijun, 2013]